The Story

The Rawlioness started out as a passion project to bring quality, natural, hand-crafted food to the local community.





Hi, I’m Harriet, an ocean-loving kiwi who wanted to bring a little slice of her homegrown roots in Toronto. I believe that making a plant-fuelled choice is the single most powerful and positive the impact you can make, for our planet and your body!

It all started with love and healing –

I always thought about creating alkaline, gluten-free, healthy vegan desserts, that not only looked amazing but also tasted delicious. I wanted to change the idea that dessert was thought of only as a treat, but could instead actually be nutritional food that helps fuel the body. I started in my kitchen, slowly through trial and error teaching myself to create and re-create healthy alternatives to traditional desserts. From here I started to notice a difference in the drinks and the food I bought. As the western world has slowly converted to more and more processed, packaged foods, high in sugars, full of preservatives, additives, and chemicals, I realized the growing need to offer whole foods. Foods that were locally sourced, without GMOs, that provided the right nutritional value for our bodies. And thus… The Rawlioness was born.

Not only is our food built with love but so is our little store. With the help of my sister-in-law, we recycled, repurposed, recreated and dug through the clearance bins, to bring a beautiful vibe inspired by the Pacific.

THE STORY Green smoothie
THE STORY - Harriet Sharpe
THE STORY - Harriet Sharpe

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